Dr. Sorbie Vita Fluid Nutritive Oil Complex

Nourishing Oil Complex for Dry, Thin & Normal Hair 150ml


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The oil complex VITA FLUID from Dr. Sorbie is an excellent hair care product that does not require rinsing.
It is created based on natural ingredients, especially for the care of thin and normal hair, which needs additional
nourishing and protection.

The VITA FLUID oil complex is easy to apply thanks to a balanced formula, an exceptional combination of vegetable bioactive components and a gentle, non-greasy texture. It distributes evenly over the hair surface and absorbs quickly. Deeply penetrating the hair structure, it intensively nourishes, moisturizes and seals the hair, saturating it with necessary beneficial elements, contributing to its appearance along the entire length without a gaining effect.

It forms a thin heat-protective and water-repellent film on the hair surface, which smoothes the cuticle, providing an excellent conditioning effect, and prevents moisture from evaporating from the hair, thereby helping to preserve the nutrients inside it.
The complex of VITA FLUID oils firmly protects the hair from negative environmental factors and mechanical damage and also has an unsurpassed thermo-protective effect during hot hair styling, preventing the destruction of keratin and subsequently washing it out of the hair.
VITA FLUID helps to cope with split ends. It has a powerful antioxidant and antistatic effect. Provides easy combing and styling.
As a result, the hair becomes stronger, more resilient and docile, acquiring additional volume and luxurious dazzling shine.

You will notice the effect from the first application of the tool.
This product can be used daily.

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Dr. Sorbie Vita Fluid Nutritive Oil Complex

  1. Amanda Bailey

    This hair oil from Dr. Sorbie is very good, and I like that it doesn’t weigh my hair down. I’ve also noticed that my hair feels shinier and more voluminous when I blow dry it after applying a few drops of this product. Also, it doesn’t stink – however, it doesn’t have that strong odor that some lotions have. My hair felt healthier and more manageable. I would purchase this oil again from HairUP and recommend it to anyone with unmanageable hair.

  2. Rachel Miller

    Dr. Sorbie Vita-Fluid Nutritive Oil Complex is a savior for my dry hair! It absorbs quickly, leaving my locks feeling incredibly soft and nourished without any greasiness. My hair looks healthier and shinier with each use. Definitely a must-have in my hair care arsenal.

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Vita Fluid Nutritive Oil ComplexDr. Sorbie Vita Fluid Nutritive Oil Complex
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