Dr. Sorbie VITA BOOSTER Deep Treatment Cream

Keratin Hair Cream With A Restorative Effect 250ml


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The Keratin Complex PURE KERATIN by Dr. Sorbie, featuring a potent concentration of pure keratin at 94%, is formulated with natural ingredients specifically for dry and porous hair that has been extensively damaged by chemical treatments such as perms or straightening, frequent bleaching or dyeing, or the regular use of hot styling tools and hair dryers. Its unique formula and molecular structure allow the PURE KERATIN complex to penetrate deeply into the hair, repairing multiple layers by filling in damaged areas and reinforcing them with amino acids and proteins within the keratin layers. It also creates a protective heat shield on the hair’s surface, smoothing the cuticle and providing exceptional conditioning and rejuvenation.

The PURE KERATIN Keratin Complex delivers comprehensive restoration from root to tip, thoroughly rejuvenating hair.

It boasts a cumulative effect, enhancing ease of combing and styling. Consequently, hair that previously appeared damaged and lifeless transforms into strong, resilient, flexible, and silky and shines with a remarkable glossy lustre.

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Dr. Sorbie Vita Booster Deep Treatment CreamDr. Sorbie VITA BOOSTER Deep Treatment Cream
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