Dr. Sorbie Hair Loss Active Therapy Shampoo

Therapeutic Shampoo against Hair Loss for All Hair Types 400ml


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Dr. Sorbie Therapeutic Shampoo HAIR LOSS is based on natural ingredients and intended for all hair types. It is based on a complex of very gentle, surface-active substances of natural origin, designed for gentle and delicate cleansing of the hair and scalp. The balanced formula of HAIR LOSS shampoo penetrates deep into the skin layers, saturating it with essential trace elements, moisturizes and nourishes, improves blood flow to the follicles, stimulates the awakening of “sleeping” hair follicles, increasing the length of their life cycle and new hair growth phase.
Neutralizes inflammatory processes, has antiseptic and antifungal effects, thereby accelerating the regeneration of the epidermis and regulating the work of the sebaceous glands. Eliminates such unpleasant symptoms as itching, irritation and flaking of the scalp, often accompanied by dandruff.
The synergistic interaction of the bioactive components of HAIR LOSS shampoo helps to prevent the intensification of hair loss due to the pathological fragility of “adult” rods and the inflammatory processes caused by bacteria, fungus or greasy activity. Removes static electricity in the hair and prevents its rapid contamination. Does not weigh down hair. Provides easy combing and styling. It does not wash out colour and does not dry it. This sulphate-free formula is ideal for post-straightening or keratin-based hair therapy.



With regular use of HAIR LOSS shampoo, the premature hair loss completely stops. The effect is noticeable after several applications of shampoo.

How to use

How to use

Apply a small amount of product to damp hair, massage in and then rinse out.
This product can be used daily or 1-2 times a week for prophylaxis.



Dill Seed Extract, Coriander Seed Extract, Grapefruit Extract, Orange Extract, Vitamin C, Argan Oil, Bitter Orange Extract, Vitamin E, Laminaria Extract, Vitamin PP, Olive Oil, Black Pepper Oil, Zinc, Copper

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Dr. Sorbie Hair Loss Active Therapy Shampoo

  1. Katherine Carter

    I decided to purchase Dr. Sorbie shampoo to solve my hair loss problem. I’ve been using the product for about three weeks, but I feel like I’ve been using it for months, as the results are impressive: my hair is more voluminous than before and my hair loss is significantly reduced. The shampoo has a nice, mild scent and the feeling of cleanliness is not accompanied by the usual feeling of dryness. The shampoo seems to stimulate hair growth, as I have new frizzy hairs growing along my hairline. Overall, I am happy with the result and recommend trying this product to anyone who needs hair growth and thickness.

  2. Samantha Patel

    Dr. Sorbie Hair Loss Active Therapy Shampoo is a miracle worker! It has significantly reduced my hair fall and improved overall scalp health. With regular use, my hair feels thicker and stronger.

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