Dr. Sorbie Reju Phyto Facial Care

Dr. Sorbie Reju Phyto cosmetics have been specifically developed to address the primary aesthetic concerns associated with facial, neck, and décolleté skin needs: revitalization, moisturization, toning, and skin color enhancement. Our active and restorative formulations are crafted by professionals and leading specialists for both salon and home use.

In practice, our products demonstrate high efficacy from the very first application. RejuPhyto preparations by Dr. Sorbie cater to both women’s and men’s skin needs. The correct sequential combination of products within our line ensures more effective and enduring results.

Our line features environmentally friendly extracts, specially developed plant extracts, and active ingredients. The effectiveness and safety of our formulas, based on innovative components, have been extensively proven in cosmetology.

We prioritize the effectiveness and quality of the products we manufacture, while maintaining a steadfast commitment to safety. All RejuPhyto products undergo rigorous testing to ensure compliance with GMP and ISO standards. With a modern technological infrastructure, a team of highly qualified specialists, cutting-edge scientific advancements, and environmentally friendly raw materials—85% of which are of natural origin—we stand at the forefront of cosmetic innovation. Dr. Sorbie Facial care available to buy online in Canada.

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