Kevin Murphy is one of the most well-known top stylists in Australia. He understands the possibilities of transformation and the power of hair metamorphosis like no one else. His experience is truly unique. Kevin Murphy has led styling teams for the best fashion houses, taught at the Vidal Sasson Academy in London, worked on the glossy looks of the covers of the world’s most famous fashion publications, and Vogue Australia refers to him as nothing less than the “King of Beach Hair.” In 2007, Kevin Murphy received the Australian Masters Award for his distinguished contribution to the hairdressing industry.
In the 2010s, Kevin Murphy became passionate about producing eco-friendly cosmetic products. He developed innovative formulas based on the principle of skin care—for strength, moisturization, and regeneration. For these, he used ingredients grown through organic farming and harvested in the wild.

Moreover, every year, the company processes more than 300 tons of Ocean Waste Plastic (OWP). After washing and temperature treatment, it is as clean as virgin material. The production of such packaging uses 85% less energy, which further reduces the final price of cosmetics in online stores.

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