Dr. Sorbie Modifix’s line introduces a comprehensive hair care approach designed to cater to diverse hair types and conditions, offering stylists and clients unparalleled flexibility to achieve their desired hair outcomes. This new formula enables various hair transformations, including:

– Permanent Smoothing and Straightening: The MODIFIX Straightening method is a boon for those with porous and unruly hair, providing a durable solution for sleek, straight styles.
– Curl Modification and Discipline: For those dealing with excessive fluffiness and curliness, MODIFIX Biorelaxing refines and tames curls, ensuring a more manageable and disciplined appearance.
– Amino Acid Treatment: Focusing on repairing and fortifying damaged hair, our Amino Acid Treatment enhances hair quality with a gentle yet effective touch.

In addition to salon treatments, Dr. Sorbie in Canada offers an essential home care line (Modifix) that emphasizes the need for specialized post-treatment care. Eco-products, enriched with natural active ingredients like amino acids, vitamins, and oils, nourish and restore hair, underlining the efficacy of nature-powered rejuvenation.

Featuring innovative formulas that combine active Betaine extract with the unique DCE-7 composition, our products penetrate deeply into the hair structure, strengthening it from the inside out. This advanced penetration technology ensures comprehensive nourishment and restoration at the cellular level.

Dr. Sorbie’s commitment to natural ingredients is evident in their use of targeted extracts and potent antioxidants, which work synergistically to maximize the benefits of our treatments. This natural foundation supports deep nourishment, effective restoration, and quality improvement of hair, moving beyond cosmetic fixes to offer genuine, lasting hair health improvements.

This Israel brand advocates for continuing salon-quality hair maintenance at home with our cutting-edge and naturally formulated care products. By integrating these advanced hair care technologies and natural ingredient benefits into your routine, you ensure that your hair remains vibrant, strong, and exquisitely maintained, mirroring professional care standards with the convenience of home application.

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