Dr. Sorbie

Dr. Sorbie is an indispensable assistant for Hair care.

If there’s nothing to read, write a book. If there are no worthy cosmetics, create one yourself!
This is precisely the path taken by three famous stylists: Reuben Teper, Igal Gut, and Mitch Suleymanov, founders of a network of eco-friendly beauty salons in Israel, as well as founders of a hairdressing academy “Heads”.

Brand Origin Story

For many years, three male specialists in the art of hairdressing searched for worthy hair care products but, not finding the products that met their demands, they realized that there was only one solution: to create their own salon hair care cosmetics. The unique feature of this cosmetics line is its exceptional naturalness: all products are made from natural components. In 2012, specifically for the brand, in collaboration with a leading Israeli laboratory specializing in innovative solutions for creating phyto-cosmetics, an unprecedented line of organic salon hair care products of the highest level, Dr. Sorbie Phytobalance, was developed.

The main advantages of Dr. Sorbie cosmetics in Canada:

1. Only organic ingredients are used to create the products.
2. Complete safety and strict compliance with global standards.
3. The cosmetics’ formulas are fully patented.
4. It is not tested on animals and does not contain animal-derived components.
5. The effectiveness of therapeutic and care procedures using Dr. Sorbie’s laboratory products has been repeatedly proven.
6. It does not contain parabens, salts, hazardous cleaning agents, or harmful chemical compounds.
7. It has a pleasant, unobtrusive aroma, perfectly suitable for both women and men.
8. Economical consumption of products thanks to practical dispensers and thick consistency.
9. Smartly selected packaging made of dark brown material protects the contents from the destructive impact of ultraviolet radiation.
10. Dr.Sorbie products are available to buy online in Canada.
11. It was created by scientists using innovative technologies and with exceptional attention to detail.

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