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Welcome to HairUp.ca, your heaven of clean beauty where excellence meets healthy, lustrous locks.

Founded by Tetiana Ikhno – a maestro in the hairdressing realm – HairUp.ca is not merely an e-commerce store based in Vancouver, Canada. It’s a manifestation of 21 years of profound salon experience, woven into a platform that brings handpicked, high-quality, and clean beauty cosmetics right to your doorstep.

Tetiana, born in the culturally rich landscape of Ukraine, plunged into the dynamic world of hairdressing with a passion that traversed borders. Relocating to Canada in 2016, she brought with her not just the technical prowess in conventional and contemporary hair colour techniques like AirTouch and Balayage but also an innate understanding of what genuine, healthy hair requires.

Distinguished for her expertise in colour correction and recognized for her agility in contemporary hair colour techniques – be it Balayage, Ombre, or a classic Blond, Tetiana’s repertoire extends to stylish haircuts, pioneering hair treatments, and offering premium Bellami hair extensions. She is not just a stylist; she’s an artist who merges her talent with innovative techniques, offering an unparalleled aesthetic and health to every strand she touches.

HairUp World

But HairUp.ca is more than just clean beauty products. Tetiana’s unerring belief in clean beauty and healthy results have meticulously shaped our offerings. Each product you find here has been scrupulously handpicked, ensuring they align with our unwavering commitment to providing you not just with the absolute best in quality but also a promise of purity and palpable results.

Explore a world where your hair receives nothing but the best, most healthy, and clean beauty cosmetics, curated by a seasoned expert who believes, practices, and advocates for only the most excellent and wholesome in hair care and beauty.

HairUp.ca team invite you to immerse yourself in a curated beauty shopping experience where every product is a promise of quality, purity, and unparalleled results.

Your journey towards spectacular, healthy hair begins here at hairup.ca!

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