A hair mask for every occasion!

The Circle Chronicles Masks

The Circle Chronicles are a hair masking experience made for modern living.

The 7 unique hair masks in The Circle Chronicles line delivers fast and targeted results — covering every need from deep nourishment with The Renaissance Circle, to detoxifying power with The Purity Circle.

Clean Beauty Products

Dr. Sorbie’s Repairing Shampoo, based on natural ingredients, is specifically designed for dry, damaged, medium, and thick hair!


Deep Cleansing

Experience a thorough cleanse that effectively removes dirt and chlorine, leaving your hair and scalp refreshed without harsh chemicals


Moisture Restoration

Hydrate and moisturize your hair from within. This formula locks in moisture, combating dryness and leaving your hair soft and manageable


Intensive Nourishment

Infused with essential nutrients, this shampoo deeply nourishes, promoting hair health and vibrancy.


Damage Repair

Target damaged areas with precision. Ideal for hair weakened by chemical treatments, coloring, and excessive heat, this shampoo works from the inside out to repair and rejuvenate


Dermatological Breakthrough in Trichological Care

Many people experience scalp irritation, including redness, peeling, dandruff, and hair loss, often due to stress, illness, medications, and environmental factors. Recognizing the importance of scalp health for overall hair vitality, Dr. Sorbie Laboratory emphasizes the necessity of proper scalp and hair care. Our approach includes cleansing, therapy, balance, and care as fundamentals to achieving healthy hair.

Professional scalp care products, developed by Dr. Sorbie’s laboratory specialists, integrate advanced technologies. These include cleansing hair follicles, nourishing and balancing the skin, restoring hair structure, protecting against environmental damage, and stimulating growth. Featuring the DCE-7 system and a plant multi-complex, our unique formula combines three natural extracts for regeneration, nutrition, hydration, and softening, targeting both the scalp and hair follicles. The efficacy of these components is backed by scientific research.

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